Bharathi School is a place where a child comes to us - innocent and curious, vulnerable and trusting. Bharathi nurtures that child, treasures that innocence and gently directs that curious mind, helping it grow into mature understanding without compromising on the question. Because questions are followed by answers into that world of quiet power and growing knowledge. I welcome your child...

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Chairman's Message

It is my pleasure to welcome you and your child to Bharathi Educational Institutions. I envision Bharathi Educational as a positive collaborative learning environment where students learn and where they are supported by the entire Bharathi Educational Trust to achieve excellence. Teachers, parents, students and the community must work together to improve the education of our children by effectively enhancing his/her learning experiences and the environment.

Our Vision                                                                                        Our Mission
    An educated India. A poverty free India. A country that shapes leaders in all areas of life. Where the mind is free, there the children shine.
       Ensuring consistent brillance in all areas of academics.