Bharathi Higher Secondary School offers students instruction in both Tamil Medium and English Medium in different sections from 6th to 12thStandard.

Students getting into the 11th standard are offered three groups

Part I : Tamil
Part II : English
Part III : [Both Tamil and English Medium]

1. Physics, Chemistry, Computer Science, Maths
2. Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Maths
3. Computer Science, Economics, Commerce, Accountancy


All our teachers are qualified professionals. They come to us with several years of experience in educating and nurturing young minds, sometimes even coaching them into giving of their best. They are devout professionals who are excellent at tapping the potential that lies within the children.

Notable Events

Every Friday all our students gather together and pray. The prayer at Bharathi Institution is secular and inculcates a sense of oneness in their young minds.

Once the summer break is done and the children are settled in their new classes, it is time for some fun. Bharathi Institution becomes the venue for Springs – a cultural festival. Our students really enjoy this and the spring in every step is evident. Creativity comes alive, talent blossoms.

Financial Aid

The Rural Talent Test ensures the deserving get their due. One third of our students get financial aid that amounts to a total of Rs. 4,000 annually.

Similarly, NMMS selects 28 students from Bharathi Institution every year. They get financial aid to the tune of Rs.20,000 for four years in a row.