Bharathi Academy (CBSE)

        We have joyfully started our new academic year in our new, wonderful sophisticated building. Students are happy to have nutrition’s lunch powered by us here.
    Our Attractions:
  • Spacious, well planned & will furnished Class rooms.
  • Well equipped Physics, Chemistry & Biology Labs.
  • Enormous Computer lab with sufficient no. of computers following modern Technologies following Teaching & Learning.
  • Luggage free and Fulfilled Saturdays because Saturdays are allotted especially for extra Curricular activities multipurpose hall serves this purpose.
  • A vast Playground with all facilities made for the players & athletes.
  • Healthy drinking water and good & Clean restrooms.
  • A large library with a vast collection of varieties of books on different languages, Science and Social many puzzle books a Moths, GK a good collection of story books too.
  • Apart from all these infrastructure facilities we have the support of sufficient well educated and dedicated teachers to make all are dreams come true.

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