Bharathi Elementary Schools, Chinna Perumapatti

  • Bharathi Elementary School, Chinna Perumapatti was started in the year 1942 by
    Thiru. P.Karuppagoundar.

  • It has 300 students on its rolls with 5 teaching staff and 2 other staff members.
  • Bharathi Elementary Schools, Reddipatti

  • Bharathi Schools first prop root – Chinnaperumapatti School was established in Reddipatti on 19.02.1948. It was christened Bharathi Aided Elementary School. With that first step, Bharathi Schools became reality. Slowly it was upgraded to a middle school.

  • Bharathi Elementary Schools, Reddipatti,is operated with a total of 700 students.

  • The teaching staff total to 17 while the non-teaching staff are 3 in number.