The Beginning
  • 19.02.1948: Bharathi Schools first prop root – Chinnaperumapatti School was established in Reddipatti. It was christened Bharathi Aided Elementary School. With that first step, Bharathi Schools became reality. Slowly it was upgraded to a middle school.

  • 1955-1965: During a time when electricity was a luxury rather that something taken for granted our founder Thiru Karuppa Gounder began evening study groups. Students came in bringing their own food. They studied late into the night, slept in school. At dawn, they went home to shower, change, have breakfast and returned to school for a new day with their books.

  • 01.10.1986:A golden day in the history of Bharathi Institution. Bharathi Middle School was upgraded and became High School with the generous assistance of Dr.Palani G.Periyasamy. He supported Bharathi Institution through thick and thin morally and with his time. The Elementary school remained as a separate branch.

  • 1991: Bharathi Vidhyalaya Matriculation, an offshoot of Bharathi Institution was established.

  • 2005: The High School was elevated into a Higher Secondary School.

  • Bharathi Institution Today:
    Four Schools work under the banner of Bharathi. All four are run by the Karuppa Gounder Charitable Trust and the Sellammal Charitable Trust.

    They are:

    1. Bharathi Higher Secondary School, Reddipatti.
    2. Bharathi Vidhyalaya Matriculation Higher Secondary School, Reddipatti.
    3. Bharathi Elementary School, Reddipatti.
    4. Bharathi Elementary School, Chinna Perumapatti.
    5. Bharathi Academy (CBSE), Reddipatti.