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You never know what a person is capable of doing till they actually do it. Then they get better and soon they excel. Our students are all encouraged to reach out and perform. To perform and excel, for themselves first and then for Bharathi Institution.

The last year has seen many of achieving, sometimes superseding out expectations and theirs, emerging triumphant!
Ours include:

Extracurricular Activities

The children in our schools are offered a variety of sports and exercise. Many of them excel in Foot Ball, Kho-Kho, Badminton, Kabaddi, Volley Ball and Gymnastics thanks to the training and expert coaching they are given at Bharathi Institution.

To encourage them in the area of community service, children are encouraged to join the Boy Scouts, Girl Guides and NSS.

Junior Red Cross (JRC) and National Green Corps are some other avenues where the school and the students are active participants.

Special instruction is offered in activities like Yoga, Karate, Wrestling, Boxing and Fencing. But these activities give out students opportunities to develop their all round personality.

In fact, one of our girl students has been selected to be on the National Boxing Team.

Bharathi School Reddipatti Bharathi's Teachers' Sparks Day-2018




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Sports Gallery